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Morocco boosts Mauritania ties

1_1112153_1_34 Raby Ould Idoumou   In the latest push to strengthen inter-Maghreb relations, the Moroccan foreign minister paid a visit to Mauritania.   Moroccan Foreign Minister Saadeddine El Othmani arrived in Nouakchott on Tuesday (February 14th) for talks with Mauritanian President ... More

17 February 2012 | News, Politics | No comment

Algeria may open border with Morocco

30052011-maroc-algerie-l_ouverture-des-frontieres-pas-a-l_ordre-du-jour-ouyahia Recent comments by top Algerian officials could presage a reopening of the country's border with Morocco. The land border between Algeria and Morocco could be opened as early as May. The news follows statements by Algerian ministers indicating warming ties ... More

3 February 2012 | News, Politics | No comment

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