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A 700,000-Year Trip From Mars to Morocco

16OBOX2-articleLarge.jpg A meteorite that landed in the Moroccan desert last summer was ejected from the surface of Mars 700,000 years ago, a new study reports. The meteorite is composed of an abundance of black glass, with noble gases trapped inside. “Based ... More

16 October 2012 | Technology | No comment

Launch of the first touch pad made in Morocco

RMC-first-touch-pad-made-in-Morocco-300x262 Moroccan manufacturer of computers DataPlus has launched the first touch pads “made in Morocco” under the brand name RMC, Jeune Afrique reported on Wednesday. The Moroccan tablets are assembled in Bouskoura (a few kilometers from Casablanca) from components imported mainly ... More

20 July 2012 | News, Technology | No comment

Morocco begins 4G licence process

4G   (Reuters) - Morocco's telecoms watchdog started preparations for its planned auction of at least one 4G licence by the end of the year, launching a tender on Tuesday to select an adviser for the process. The Telecommunications Regulatory National ... More

18 July 2012 | News, Technology | No comment

Ryanair to reduce flights to Morocco

d   Irish low-cost carrier (LCC) Ryanair (FR) will reduce flights to Morocco following disagreements with the Moroccan governmental airport authority ONDA over handling charges. FR said that from Oct. 1 it will cancel 34 weekly flights to Moroccan airports from ... More

5 July 2012 | News, Technology | Comments Off

Headwinds force solar plane to abort Morocco flight

d By Henri Mamarbachi (AFP) – 1 day ago RABAT — Strong headwinds forced the Solar Impulse to abort its toughest flight yet across Morocco, a week after it made history with the world's first inter-continental solar-powered flight. The Solar Impulse ... More

14 June 2012 | News, Technology | Comments Off

Conference urges legalization of abortion in Morocco

f By AFP A conference in the Moroccan capital Rabat on Tuesday launched a call for the legalization of abortion in the north African country to end the “real tragedy” of backstreet terminations. “Clandestine abortion is a taboo subject but a ... More

13 June 2012 | News, Technology | Comments Off

Solar plane lands in Morocco

j A solar plane has made history by landing in the Moroccan capital after flying across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain. Bertrand Piccard, a 54-year-old Swiss psychiatrist and balloonist, landed Solar Impulse at 11:30pm (0830 Wednesday AEST) under a full ... More

6 June 2012 | News, Technology | Comments Off

Moroccan mobile users up 8.6% a year to 36.24 mln

e   Morocco had 36.24 million mobile phone customers at the end of March, up 8.6 percent on a year earlier, to reach a 112.6 percent penetration rate, reports telecom regulator ANRT. Maroc Telecom (Itissalat Al Maghrib) has a 47.45 percent ... More

5 June 2012 | News, Technology | Comments Off

Moroccan Youth Identity Construction and Facebook as a Virtual Third Space

s  Mohamed El Aazouzi Morocco World News Taroudant, Morocco, June 2, 2012 The issue of identity (or selfhood) construction has always proved to be a very significant issue among different social scientists and fields such as sociology, psychoanalysis and anthropology. In ... More

4 June 2012 | News, Technology | Comments Off

IT security training event in Morocco by SANS

s SANS Europeis pleased to present its first ever event in Morocco this August following rising demand for IT security training from across North Africa. SANS Morocco 2012 will run consecutively from August 27th to September 1st at the Le Royal ... More

30 May 2012 | News, Technology | Comments Off

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