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Western Sahara: Guerguerat And ‘The End Of Dreams’

Guerguerat-Cape-Verde-Supports-Morocco’s-Action-to-Restore-Free-Movement-238x178.jpg Algeria and South Africa, Polisario’s most outspoken advocates, are not happy with the current diplomatic mood on the Western Sahara question. Despite repeated setbacks in their recent attempts to change the visibly pro-Morocco discourse, the two African countries are still adamantly ... More

6 December 2020 | Opinion | No comment

Democrats Fail to Prosecute Trump’s Presidency Despite US Crises

smartphone-564155_1920-238x178.jpg Rabat – Democrats failed to produce a “blue wave” of resistance against US President Donald Trump despite a rising COVID-19 death toll. In a country mired in several crises the incumbent was able to keep results “too close to call.” ... More

4 November 2020 | Opinion | No comment

The Vicious Cycle Of Extremism Continues to Spiral in France

Police-Kill-Armed-Man-Who-Threatened-Public-in-Avignon-France-238x178.png Rabat – Another shocking display of gruesome violence and extremism emerged in Nice, France, this morning as escalating rhetoric and violence continue to spiral out of control. Within two weeks of the murder of French teacher Samuel Paty, a man ... More

29 October 2020 | Opinion | No comment

‘We Are Broken’: 6 Dogs Killed in Attack on Morocco Animal Aid

Morocco-Animal-Aid-Lucy-Austin-burned.jpeg An unidentified perpetrator killed six rescued dogs and poisoned a dozen more on Saturday in an attack on Morocco Animal Aid (MAA), ananimal welfare associationand community project in Agadir. The dogs were healthy former strays, neutered and vaccinated by MAA and ... More

26 October 2020 | Opinion | No comment

French Politics’ Problematic Use of Islamophobia to Compete for Votes

France-Cracks-Down-on-Islamic-Groups-After-Teacher’s-Beheading-in-Paris-238x178.jpg Rabat – In the week following the horrific attack on a Parisian history teacher, French politics has shown little restraint in targeting the country’s Muslim minority. A growing trend of mainstream Islamophobia has used the despicable crime as a means ... More

22 October 2020 | Opinion | No comment

Sudan-US Terror List Removal Deal: Normalization or Compromise?

Sudan-protests-238x178.jpg US President Donald Trump on Monday night announced a deal with Sudan that many see as a step towards normalization with Israel. “Great News,” the US president tweeted as he announced that the poor, flood-stricken African nation would pay $350 million ... More

20 October 2020 | Opinion | No comment

Western Sahara: Beyond Polisario’s Frustration with UN Efforts

Omar-Hilale-238x178.jpg Rabat – Shortly after UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres made public his latest report on the situation in Western Sahara, the Polisario Front’s leadership went ballistic.In a letter to Guterres and Vasily Nebenzya, Russia’s UN representative and the current president of ... More

17 October 2020 | Opinion | No comment

How Another Trump Election Victory Could Benefit The Middle East

Syria_Damascus_Town_square_in_Damascus-238x178.jpg Rabat – Another Trump presidential election win could provide more long-term benefits for the Middle East compared to a Joe Biden victory. With polls close enough, Democrats could once again bungle their electoral politics and bless the world with another ... More

16 September 2020 | Opinion | No comment

Let’s Get Real About Morocco’s Stray Dog Problem

dog-1283996_1280-640x360.jpg A pack of stray dogs violently attacked a 12-year-old boy in Goulmima, southeastern Morocco, on February 12. The child, having sustained injuries to the head, lower leg, and thigh, has reportedly been taken to the Netherlands for medical treatment. Similar incidents ... More

23 February 2020 | Opinion | No comment

Enthusiasm: the Divine Path to Success

Enthusiasm-the-Divine-Path-to-Success.jpg New York- Enthusiasm is a key ingredient to a successful life. It is a sign from God to help us discover what our purpose is, a sort of divine compass that directs us towards the things we are meant ...

12 April 2015 | Opinion | No comment

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