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Morocco, Oman to boost craft ties

Source : | 19 February 2012 |  Economy, News, World | 2381 views

Abdulsamad Qayouh, Minister of Craft Industries of Morocco


MUSCAT Abdulsamad Qayouh, Minister of Craft Industries of Morocco, on Saturday visited the international exhibition for traditional crafts at the Qurum Natural Park venue of Muscat Festival.

He visited the Moroccan stand and hailed his country’s craftsmen for highlighting the Moroccan heritage. He also saw Omani craft works at the stands of Public Authority for Craft Industries (Paci).

He said the works displayed at the festival demonstrate the attention being paid to the crafts industry and to restore it to its past glory. He said Morocco and the Sultanate would boost the memorandum of understanding on exchange of expertise.

Earlier in the day, HE Sheikh Abdulmalik Bin Abdullah Al Hin’ai, Tourism Minister, on Saturday received Qayouh in his office. They discussed boosting bilateral cooperation in tourism, benefiting from the Moroccan expertise in the field, enhancing cooperation between tourism companies in the two countries.

Her Excellency Sheikha Aisha Bint Khalfan Al Siyabiyah, Chairperson of the Public Authority for Craft Industries (Paci), also received Qayouh in her office. They discussed ways to boost cooperation in the craft industries, the Sultanate’s efforts to protect the sector, plans to promote crafts for sustainable development, partnership in international and regional efforts to boost crafts, besides topics of common concern.

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