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African Migrants in Morocco Tell of Abuse

RABAT, Morocco — A long car ride north of the center of Morocco’s capital, Rabat, behind a market and through a maze of narrow alleys in a densely populated northern suburb, Takadoum, is a crumbling building. Here, illegal sub-Saharan migrants ... More

29 November 2012 | World | No comment

Germany: Suspect in Attacks in Casablanca Is Arrested

A Frenchman wanted over the 2003 suicide attacks in Casablanca that killed 33 people plus the bombers has been arrested at the Munich airport, the German police said Tuesday. The suicide bombings in the coastal city of Casablanca were the ... More

31 October 2012 | World | No comment

Villagers in Morocco Drive Out Prostitutes

JP-MOROCCO-articleInline.jpg AIN LEUH, Morocco — For years, this mountain village with its crumbling whitewashed walls was known locally as the place to go for sex. Women — some dressed in tight jogging suits, some in dressing gowns — dallied in the ... More

30 October 2012 | World | No comment

A 700,000-Year Trip From Mars to Morocco

16OBOX2-articleLarge.jpg A meteorite that landed in the Moroccan desert last summer was ejected from the surface of Mars 700,000 years ago, a new study reports. The meteorite is composed of an abundance of black glass, with noble gases trapped inside. “Based ... More

16 October 2012 | Technology | No comment

Judges in Morocco Lead Sit-In Calling for Autonomous Judiciary

RABAT, Morocco (AP) — About 1,000 Moroccan judges held an unprecedented sit-in Saturday in front of the Supreme Court, calling for greater independence for the judiciary. The rare demonstration was organized by the Judges’ Club, a group formed in August ... More

7 October 2012 | World | No comment

Morocco: Activists’ Boat Turned Away

The police on Thursday escorted from Moroccan waters a small yacht carrying women’s rights activists claiming to be able to perform abortions on board, after anti-abortion protesters jeered them on land. The Dutch group Women on Waves sailed the boat ... More

5 October 2012 | World | No comment

Moroccan Artists Earn Applause but Little in Royalties

07iht-m07-morocco-singers1-articleLarge.jpg CASABLANCA — The Moroccan rock band Hoba Hoba Spirit has legions of adoring fans. When they are on stage, the audience sings along with every word. They play across Morocco and abroad. Words from their lyrics, such as “fhamator,” or ... More

7 June 2012 | World | No comment

Morocco Struggles to Rein in Soccer Hooligans

iht10-morocco-soccer-articleInline.jpg CASABLANCA — Whenever there is a soccer game in Casablanca, the town descends into chaos as dozens of supporters of the city’s two teams, Wydad and Raja Club Athletic, and their opponents storm through the city center leaving a trail ... More

10 May 2012 | World | No comment

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way

Friedman_New-articleInline.jpg Dubai, United Arab Emirates TRAVELING in the post-Awakening Arab world, I have been most struck by how few new leaders have emerged from the huge volcanic political eruption here. By new leaders, I don’t just mean people who win elections, ... More

5 May 2012 | Opinion | No comment

Morocco’s High-Speed Train Not Yet on Track

19iht-m19-morocco-tgv-articleInline.jpg CASABLANCA — The Moroccan government’s cherished ambition to build a fast train linking its major cities is running into trouble. The plan has provoked a debate not only about the wisdom of the project but also about what form development ... More

19 April 2012 | World | No comment

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