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Young British women are converting to Islam

Source : | 31 March 2013 |  Marocpress TV | 403 views

Young British women are converting to Islam

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Make Me a Muslim BBC full movie Documentary 2013 episode 2
Growing numbers of young British women are converting to Islam. Shanna Bukhari, a 26-year-old Muslim from Manchester, sets out to find out why girls are giving up partying, drinking and wearing whatever they want for a religion some people associate with the oppression of women.

This warm documentary follows the highs and lows of five girls as they embrace their new faith. From adapting to a religion that allows a man to marry up to four wives to the acceptance of friends and family, it isn’t always easy.

STUDENT Alana Blockley had wanted to spend a summer boozing while working as a club rep.

My family are all travellers and we live on a caravan site. I was baptised as a Christian but church and religion were never a big part of my life.

The 21-year-old, from Bridgeton, Glasgow, swapped her favourite foods and boozy nights out with pals for a new religion in 2010

I started to research Islam because I wanted to know more about his life.
I decided I wanted to convert. I was worried about telling my parents and burst into tears. Mum thought I was pregnant and my dad thought I’d crashed my car.

I miss eating Parma ham but I don’t miss alcohol.
I celebrate Eid now, but I compromised with my parents and we all had a halal Christmas dinner.
I hope I’m going to heaven now and I like the rules of Islam.

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