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Has Bashar Al Assad been killed?

Source : | 30 March 2013 |  Headlines | 243 views


Morocco World News

New York, March 29, 2013

Has the Syrian President Bashar Al Assad been killed? This is the question that millions around the globe, especially in the Arab world, should be asking.

Over the past few days, there have been some rumors pointing out that the ostracized Syrian President has been shot by one of his Iranian bodyguard. Other rumors alleged that he fled Syria.

The Syrian government was quick to dismiss these “rumors”.

Two videos that are circulating on social media over the past hours are once again alleging that Bashar Al Assad has either died or fled the country.

“The Brigade of Martyrs of Douma conveys to you the news the Syrian people have waited for a long time, namely the assassination of the despot Bashar Al Assad, which was carried in coordination with one of the honorable officers from inside the Palace,”  The chief of the Brigade said in a video posted on Youtube.

“I challenge Bashar to make a media appearance within the next 12 hours if he is still alive”, he added.

The chief of the Brigade called on the officers of the Syrian regime’s army to surrender to the Free Army, adding that they “will have no mercy on them” afterwards.

He went on to say that those who surrender will be afforded a fair trial.

In the second video, as speaker in Egypt alleges that there “is an non-authenticated news about the death of the President Bashar Al Assad”, adding that there is another news according to which he “fled the country.

The information, however, has not authenticated and no major has as of yet reported the death of the Syrian President.

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