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King Mohammed VI “gives impetus” to Morocco with long-term reform vision: French experts

Source : | 27 March 2013 |  News | 408 views


Paris, March 27, 2013 (MAP)

King Mohammed VI has managed to impart momentum to Morocco, with “a true reform movement that preceded the Arab Spring,” French jurists Charles Saint-Prot and Frederic Rouvillois say.

This movement, which has continued since the accession of HM the King to the throne in 1999, “is significantly reflected by a long-term vision,” touching on “the constitution, the administration, the right of women and the resolution of serious social ills such as poverty and illiteracy,” they say in an interview published by the French regional newspaper “Nice-Matin”.

The interview comes on the occasion of the presentation, Monday in Menton near Nice (South of France), of the new book “The Moroccan exception”, written under the direction of two French experts.

In their reading of the Moroccan exception in the context of the Arab revolutions, Charles Saint-Prot and Frederic Rouvillois hold that “in Morocco there were not the same risk factors” that triggered the protests, as elsewhere where “there were aging dictators who dashed all hope in the future.”

“The King gives a momentum. The rate of Moroccans living below the poverty line decreased by 60%. Moroccans know where they are going ahead. Things are moving; there is a high-speed train, a port on the Mediterranean scale, technological centres,” the academics say.

Referring to the stumbling of the construction of the Maghreb, Charles Saint-Prot and Frederic Rouvillois point to the responsibility of Algeria, insisting that “there is no Maghreb Union because of those who govern and plunder Algeria: they do not want unity, cooperation,” considering that this involves “transparency and redistribution.”

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