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Moroccan group Addoha fills complaint against Spanish operators

Source : | 24 March 2013 |  Economy | 305 views


By Youssef Sourgo

Morocco World News

Casablanca, March 24, 2013

A court in Seville has recently received a complaint from the Moroccan real estate group Addoha against the president of a Spanish association, and the manager of a spanish campany, according to Libération.

According to the newspaper “El Farodigital,” which managed to get access to the decision taken by the Spanish court, the Moroccan real estate group filed a complaint, for libel and publication of false information, against Francisco de Arratia, president of a Spanish businessmen association, and Rodrigo Rodriguez, manager of a Spanish company.

Francisco de Arratia had told the press that “Spanish businessmen in Morocco are victims of “a tolerated mafia” or “are broke by suit and tie mafia. He also blames the group Addoha for the alleged extortion plot targeting Spanish businessmen in the country.

According to the Court No. 3 in Seville, the complaint filed by the group Addoha “is not justified” and “is not a criminal offense to be prosecuted before a criminal court.”

The Moroccan group Addoha has nevertheless the ability to appeal.

The same source added that the Moroccan group has resorted to the services of the lawyer Ignacio Gordillo Alvarez-Valdés, former prosecutor of the National Court under the government of José Maria Aznar.

“El Farodigital” recalls in this respect that the Spanish association in question requires the intervention of the European Union to settle or defend the interests of Spanish SMEs working in Morocco, as their government “does not have the intention to defend the interests of companies that are not publicly traded.”

However, the EU confirms that there is no evidence that may get Morocco involved in these cases of “extortion.”

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