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Marrakech, new fashion capital

Source : | 20 March 2013 |  Arts & Culture | 338 views


By Larbi Arbaoui

Morocco World News

Taroudant, Morocco, March 20, 2013

For the first time in Morocco and the Arab world, the Swiss magazine Babybook, in its 5th edition, chose Marrakech to make the shooting of the pages of Babybook Spring / Summer 2013.

Accompanied by one of their parents, the 10 winners of the 2013 casting have an appointment with the magazine’s editorial Babybook from 17 to 22 March, in Les Mille & Une Nuits at Med Club in Marrakech to complete the shooting and to dress the biggest brands (Junior Gaultier, Armani Junior, Baby Dior etc.)

The photo shoot planned in Marrakech, from 17 to 22 March 2013, was planned after the last casting was done in Verbier St-Bernard on February 2.

 The management of Babybook and ten children have been chosen to become the face of Babybook magazine 2013.

The choice of Marrakech by the prestigious Swiss magazine, confirms, once again, the place that Marrakech occupies as a touristic and a luxury events destination.

The adventure began in the fall of 2012 and more than 7000 people attending the presets of the 1750 candidates.

The Swiss magazine plans to make an Arabic version of the magazine for the Maghreb countries, the Middle East and Gulf countries.

It is noteworthy to mention that Marrakesh has been selected as the best African tourist destination for the year 2012, by the Word Travel Awards, an institution that rewards and celebrates excellence across all sectors of the global travel and tourism industry.

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