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Morocco Signs Decentralized Cooperation Framework Agreement with France

Source : | 2 April 2021 |  Economy | 11268 views

Rabat – During a virtual meeting on Thursday, the president of France’s New Aquitaine Alain Rousset and the president of the Council of Morocco’s Souss-Massa region Brahim Hafidi, signed a 2021-2023 decentralized cooperation framework. Also attending the meeting was Morocco’s consul general in Bordeaux,Zouhair Jibraili.Focusing on innovation, the cooperation framework aims to achieve ecological transition of territories through renewable energy and solar public lighting.The framework also concerns the renewal and diversification of the tourism sector, university cooperation betweenIbn Zohr Universityand Bordeaux Montaigne University with a particular focus on integrating young people.Cooperation between the Souss-Massa and Nouvelle Aquitaine regions dates back 20 years ago. They strive to implement projects in vocational training, agriculture, tourism, food safety, air quality, crafts, university cooperation, and support for international solidarity-based projects that form the base of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.Experts and agents of the two regions are prepared to work together in achieving the programs inscribed in the cooperation framework.Read also:French Politician Asks France to Open Representation in Southern Morocco“To ensure the success of cooperation projects, the two regions mobilize local expertise and agents from the two local authorities,” said the Nouvelle Aquitaine region in a press release.Developing dialogue and sharing expertise for a shared economic, social, and sustainable development are at the core of the cooperation framework.“The main challenge is to promote the exchange of practices and experiences between experts, with the aim of bringing about specific know-how, innovative working methods, and territorial specificities in the two territories,” added the press release.

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