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Algeria: Social Media Propels “Moroccans Are Not My Enemy” Campaign

Source : | 2 April 2021 |  World | 9628 views

Rabat – A social media campaign in Algeria has sparked an online explosion of messages of respect and mutual understanding between Morocco and Algeria. Citizens of the two countries, amid a geopolitical stand-off expressed their mutual respect and admiration online.

The “Moroccans are not my enemy†campaign in Algeria has drawn wide responses from both countries. 

The campaign has a simple yet powerful message, saying “Moroccans are not my enemy, I love the people of Morocco.†The social media campaign soon went viral and sparked a Moroccan response. Citizens of Morocco reciprocated with a “Algerians are not my enemy, I love the people of Algeria†campaign.

The sudden display of mutual affection between citizens of Algeria and Morocco is likely to have flummoxed many international observers. Amid border tensions, a conflict in Morocco’s Western Sahara region and continuous disputes over border demarcations, citizens revealed a different side of the story.

While Rabat and Algiers might be embroiled in a rivalry that has cost both countries countless billions, citizens of both countries consider each other their brothers and sisters. That mutual love and respect was again confirmed through the two social media campaigns, but did not surprise locals.

Morocco’s love for Algerians was evident to anyone who was present in Morocco on July 19, 2019. Algerian flags waved in the streets of Morocco and locals sang songs supporting their eastern neighbors after Algeria won the African Cup of Nations. 

The unfortunate reality of the standoff between the governments in Rabat and Algiers is that the issues dividing the two nations are more governmental concerns than one of mutual hatred and distrust.

While the simmering tensions between the two countries continues, the online outpouring of mutual respect indicates that a rapprochement between the two brotherly nations is definitely not out of the question. 

Obstacles remain, and much work is left to be done to realize friendlier relations between the two countries’ governments. Yet if anything, this week’s campaigns show that a brighter future in the Maghreb is not only possible, it is what the people want.

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