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Oujda Terrorists Plotted to Ignite War Between Morocco, Algeria

Source : | 2 April 2021 |  News | 12315 views

Rabat – The recently dismantled terrorist cell in Oujda, northeast Morocco, had plans to conduct terror attacks on the parliament, churches, and nightclubs. Terrorists also planned attacks on Algerian soldiers at the borders with the aim of igniting a war between Morocco andAlgeria, reported the daily newspaper Assabah on Friday.Morocco’s General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) conducted the dismantling operation in collaboration with the Central Office of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ) and US Intelligence services on March 25. The cell was made up of four members, aged between 24 and 28. Among the identified targets for terrorist attacks were the prison of Sale, the Police Prefecture of Oujda, and military bases near the northeastern Morocco-Algeria borders, according to a BCIJ investigation. The terrorists wanted to release Islamist detainees through attacking the prison.Morocco’s BCIJ obtained the information after launching an investigation and questioning the arrested terrorists. The leader said that the cell had identified Moroccan army surveillance positions such as Bouarfa’s checkpoint to attack them and steal their weapons to use against Algerian soldiers.Also among the targets were auxiliary forces barracks in Oujda. The terrorists said that they were planning to use explosives on an anticipated American military base. They said that they planned to attack it in response to the US’ recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty overWestern Sahara.The newspaper added that the extremists plotted to attack elements of both the police and the gendarmerie when conducting night patrols to seize their weapons. The cell planned to carry out its attack on security services by using home-made arms and car bombs.To finance their plots, the terrorists intended to rob a bank near the Oujda highway, a cash transport van, and bars.The head of the terrorist cell who pledged allegiance to ISIS was in charge of making explosive devices after searching on the net for how to make home-made explosives.

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