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Cheese Giant Bel Maroc Ramps Up Production Before Ramadan

Source : | 2 April 2021 |  News | 12681 views

Rabat – FromagerieBel Marochosted a media open house on Thursday at its Tangier factory to show how the company is preparing for the increased demand in production ahead ofRamadan. Food producers throughout the country often ramp up efforts to meet higher demand from consumers and charitable organizations.The breaking of the fast, partnered with the charitable nature of Ramadan, are two important factors causing Moroccan producers to intensify their efforts.Director of Fromagerie Bel Maroc Chakib Seddiki told local outlet Hespress that the company opened its doors in hopes of giving the public greater insight into the company’s practices and manufacturing process. AsCOVID-19remains prevalent, the company is taking further steps to mitigate risk to consumers and employees.Bel Maroc has deep roots in Morocco with its first factory opening in Tangier in 1983. Seddiki bolstered the company’s premier status in Morocco by noting the various technological advancements it has made in the manufacturing process alongside the various national awards and certifications it has earned for health standards and quality. The cheese giant proudly displays a wide array of awards and certifications of higher standards such as the ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 hailing from France and other international entities.Bel Maroc showed off its technological advancements in the form of self-sanitizing machinery and its strict adherence to the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, gloves, and lab coats. Since the early days of the first national lockdown, the factory remained open in order to continue serving consumers across the Middle East and North Africa. Additionally, Bel Maroc donated approximately MAD two million ($221,527) to organizations supporting those in need. Bel Maroc also supported the national economy with a MAD five million  ($553,817) donation.Muslims in Morocco expect Ramadan to start April 14 and families are stocking up on food products ahead of the festivities. The emergence of COVID-19 variant infections and the state of emergency in Morocco leaves many wondering what Ramadan 2021 will look like.

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