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Automotive: CAC Becomes Morocco’s Official SEAT Importer, Distributor

Source : | 2 April 2021 |  Economy | 11184 views

Rabat – Centrale Automobile Cherifienne (CAC), the importer and distributor of the Volkswagen Group automobiles in Morocco, has secured exclusive import rights for Seat vehicles.According to local media, the new deal came into effect on April 1. On top of now owning the rights for Seat, the CAC group also holds import and distribution rights in Morocco for Audi, Bentley, Porsche, Skoda, and Volkswagen.Univers Motors, the subsidiary of Mutandis Automobile SCA, was originally behind the distribution of Seat, which itself is owned by the Volkswagen group. The transfer of distribution rights comes as a result of concentrated efforts to consolidate Volkswagen’s assets under one grouping, namely CAC, while also further tapping into the Moroccan automobile market.By consolidating its assets, Volkswagen will be able to adapt to the COVID-19-inducedchallengesthat have fallen upon the automotive industry globally. It will also allow the group to ensure that it can effectively implement any innovations across the board.According toEconomie Enterprises, when the Seat brand was officially transferred to the CAC group in December 2020, Mutandis Automobile SCA lost an annual turnover of nearly $33.2 million (MAD 300 million).Read also: Automotive: Moroccan Minister Urges Promoting Local Vehicle ProductionVictor El Baz, the CEO of CAC, underlines in a press release that the group has provided its brands with highly trained and qualified human capital, as well as access to a territorial network in accordance with international standardsVolkswagen has increased its efforts to expand its presence in Morocco over the last decade. In 2015, under the guidance of CAC, Volkswagen opened its first Porsche and Bentleyshowroomsin the North African country.Meanwhile, on social media, many Seat owners have denounced the automobile company, as the transfer of the distribution rights caused problems on the customer service front. Some car owners reported that in certain instances the company has refused to fix problems that the warranty should cover.

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