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Minister Calls for Shared Responsibility to Tackle Water Management in Morocco

Source : | 1 April 2021 |  Economy | 1737 views

Minister of Equipment Abdelkader Amara has called for shared responsibility to address challenges of water management in Morocco.The minister recently spoke about the importance of citizens’ engagement in the management of water resources, sharing new statistics about the establishment of new dams as part of the 2020-2050 national water plan.Amara recalled the scheduled launch of the works of five large new dams for an overall budget estimated at MAD 4.8 billion ($532.2 million).The dams will collectively hold a capacity of 525 million cubic meters (m3).To date, Morocco has a total of 149 large dams with a capacity of over 19 billion cubic meters and 133 smalldams in operation.Citing Law 36-15 relating towater, the minister said that the 2020-2050 national water plan and the 2020-2027 national program for the supply of drinking water and irrigation constitute Morocco’s “main roadmaps” in terms of water resource management.General Engineer at the General Directorate of Water Touria El Afti joined Amaraa to speak about the importance of water preservation.She recalled the UN General Assembly’s 2010 adoption of the “human right to water and sanitation” resolution.The resolution appeals for making access to water and sanitation an integral part of the achievement of all human rights.Morocco’s 2011 constitution works in line with international standards and the aforementioned resolution.Article 31 stipulates mobilizing all local authorities to work to ensure all available means, to facilitate equal access for citizens, to the conditions of enjoying access to water and a healthy environment.“The large dams play an important role in the socio-economic plans,” she argued, emphasizing the launch of the program to establish small dams and hill lakes in 1985 and the program of grouped supply of drinking water for rural populations in 1995.“The social value of water is becoming more and more important among Moroccans, particularly in rural areas,” she said.The discussion on water conservation and management marked the celebration on March 22 of World Water Day, an international event that authorities seize to renew commitments to ensuring resource safety.

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