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Essaouira Day To Strengthen France-Morocco-Israel Economic Dynamics

Source : | 1 April 2021 |  Economy | 1752 views

Rabat – Organizers announced “Essaouira Economic Day” on Wednesday during a web conference on investment that the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Morocco (CFCIM), Essaouira Innovation Lab, and Essaouira-Mogador Association jointly hosted. Essaouira Economic Day will take place on October 26-27 in the southern city in hopes to strengthen economic relations between France, Morocco, and Israel. Specifically, the event seeks to rejuvenate international cooperation between France and Morocco by focusing on Essaouira and its twin-city, La Rochelle in France.Formerly known as Mogador,Essaouira is now more commonly referred to as “The City of Trade Winds” due to its invaluable geostrategic resources and attractive, touristic assets. Azoulay reiterated this message during the video conference.“[Essaouira] enjoys one of the highest rates of sunshine in our country,” (…) in addition to more than 150 km of coastline, which constituted a promising mix for the energy of the future.”Members of the different participating entities in the conference focused on these features andconfirmed that the region is the proud economic leader in Argan oil production and trade. The Port of Essaouira leads the world in sardine fishing and contributed to 2.2% of Morocco’s exports. Azoulay emphasized the unique focus on Essaouira as Morocco’s “health and wellness” tourism hotspot. Many tourists visit for unique experiences “backed by the cultural and heritage contents that are already the major asset of Essaouira.” Yoga, Moroccanhammams, and windsurfing are all features promising to propel Essaouira into a flourishing future. The coastal city is also rich in musical history. Once a year, Essaouira hosts the Gnaoua World Music Festival which brings in thousands of visitors, both Moroccan and foreign. The Essaouira Economic Day planning conference concluded with an optimistic tone, citing the importance of Essaouira in the global transition into a post-pandemic era.

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