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Japan Supports Morocco’s Leadership in Africa

Source : | 1 April 2021 |  News | 4073 views

Rabat – Ambassador of Japan in Morocco Shinozuka Takashi welcomed Morocco’s leadership in Africa on Wednesday.The ambassador said Morocco is playing a “pioneering role†in the field ofimmigration in Africa.The Japanese diplomat recalled the introduction of Morocco’s strategy for migration and asylum in 2014.Under the national plan, the Moroccan government has given residency permits to nearly 50,000 migrants.Takashi said that the national strategy for migration makes Morocco a leading country in the field.“Morocco is sparing no efforts to improve the situation of migrants,†he said.He welcomed the launch of the project, which also aims to facilitate access to health services.Takashi made the remarks on the sidelines of the launch of the project “strengthening mental health and psychosocial support services†for migrants.Mohamed Lyoubi, the director of Epidemiology and the Fight Against Diseases at the Ministry of Health, also participated in the event.He said the country is committed to ensuring the mental health of Moroccans and migrants on equal footing.Lyoubi added that Morocco has invested in developing new visions for migration issues, including the issue of migrants’ access to health services.He recalled that Morocco’s Ministry of Health also created platforms dedicated to migrants to guarantee their access to basic health care.The Japanese ambassador did not only express satisfaction with health care services for migrants.Recently, the ambassador also extolled cooperation betweenJapan and Morocco.In March, the ambassador called for an advanced win-win partnership with Morocco.He described Morocco as an “emerging country†with “great potential.â€Takashi also expressed Japan’s commitment to continue to help Morocco in its development programs. He recalled that Japan granted Morocco a total of MAD 3.5 billion ($386 million) in the form of grants and MAD 25 billion ($2.8 billion) in the form of concessional loans since the start of bilateral cooperation.Morocco has repeatedly expressed satisfaction with its relations with Japan.The most recent recognition came today from Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita during a virtual ministerial meeting of Arab-Japanese political dialogue.During the meeting, Bourita said that Arab-Japanese cooperation is one of the most important forums for dialogue between Arab countries and other “friendly†countries.He described such cooperation as an “urgent necessity†in order to face common challenges, includingCOVID-19.

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