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Peru Rules Against Appeal Case of Polisario Separatist Deported in 2017

Source : | 1 April 2021 |  News | 4161 views

Rabat – The Constitutional Court of Peru ruled this week against an appeal case that Polisario member Khadijatu El Mokhtar filed after the country deported her for violating her status as a tourist in 2017.The Polisario representative flew to Peru in September 2017 using her Spanish passport.Police in Peruarrestedher upon her arrival at the Jorge Chavez Airport in Lima.She was denied entry to Peru and was transferred back to Spain.The leader of the self-proclaimed Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) had appointed her in June 2017 as an ambassador to Lima.The appointment was an attempt to convince Lima to recognize the separatist front.Before flying into Peru in September, she had entered the country on a tourist visa.During her stay as a tourist, Khadijatou El Mokhtar managed to participate in a meeting of the parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee.During the same meeting, MPs in Peru called for her deportation.When she attempted to re-enter Peru in September, she was denied entry upon arrival.The Polisario representative filed an appeal complaint against her deportation, which the Constitutional Court in Peru unanimously rejected.According toLa Razon,the Peruvian court rejected the appeal from El Mokhtar because she violated the country’s immigration laws.Peru suspended its recognition of SADR in 1996. The country maintains good relations with Morocco. Peru also expressed support for Morocco’s Autonomy Plan as a credible and serious solution to end the conflict over Western Sahara.In February, Peruvian MP Martha Chavez Cossío reaffirmed her country’s support for Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara.The MP also stressed the need for a compromised-based political solution in line with UN resolutions.She also lauded the recent developments in the Sahara conflict.The sentiment is common among several MPs in Peru who have expressed support for Morocco’s territorial integrity through different motions.In October 2017,21 membersof the Peruvian Parliament expressed their support for Morocco’s Autonomy Plan for Western Sahara.

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