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King Mohammed VI Renews Morocco’s Support for Political Solution in Libya

Source : | 31 March 2021 |  News | 4501 views

Rabat – On Tuesday,King Mohammed VIexpressed Morocco’s support for Libya’s new executive authority in its transitional phase process.King Mohammed VI addressed a written message to the president of the Libyan Presidential Council, Mohamed El Menfi.The council’s media office said the King affirmed Morocco’s support for all measures and efforts Libya is making to address its challenges and make  its transitional phase successful.Read Also:UNSC: UN Envoy Stresses Morocco’s Role in Libya Conflict ResolutionAs well as congratulating El Menfi for heading his country’s transitional authority in a critical context, the King also emphasized Morocco’s attachment to strengthening relations with Libya in a wide range of fields.Morocco has been a leading international player contributing to regional stability and peace in a fragile MENA region.The country was one of the key facilitators of theUN-led process seeking to support Libyans to find a lasting solution to their conflict.The North African country repeatedly condemned foreign military intervention in Libya and hosted a series of meetings between the country’s formerly opposed factions to broker a political solution to the crisis.Rival factions from the High Council of State and the House of Representatives met on numerous occasions in Bouznika and Tangier. The meetings were part of the Morocco-overseen efforts to settle the parties’ political divergences. The most recent of the meetings took place on January 22-23 in Bouznika.

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