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Sexist Public Notices Against Females Spark Outrage Across Morocco

Source : | 31 March 2021 |  News | 653 views

Rabat – Controversial and sexist public notices in the streets of Tangiersparkedoutrage among internet users across Morocco.Anonymous individuals have been putting up controversial notices in public places, criticizing women’s attire.The posts also criticize the wearing of “tight jeans” and “short dresses” by children, particularly girls.Internet users were in uproar and shared concerns online that the nature of the language and discourse adopted in the street notices included pedophilia.The public notices also incited hatred against women, citizens argued.The Regional Committee for Human Development (CRDH) in the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region issued a press release to condemn the publications.The CNRDH said that the posts included hatred, discrimination, and violence againstwomen and girls.The CNDHR said that it has been monitoring the situation closely, and has opened an investigation into the serious incident.The committee also vowed to share data on the investigation.The statement said that that such “extremist positions place women, who account half of society, a target for the permissibility of violence in all its forms.”The regional committee also calls for vigilance and caution against harming the developments in Morocco at the legal, legislative, and institutional levels that have been stipulated in the country’s constitution, as well as the laws that have been legislated to achieve the principle of equality between women and men. The regional committee also said that such practices require raising public awareness of the need to combat hate speech and taking concrete measures against the perpetrators of such crimes.Several public figures also took to social networks to condemn the sharing of such notes, calling on security services to arrest the perpetrators.Researchers in Islamic studies Mohamed Abdelouahed Rafiqui also known as Abu Hafsslammedthe post, saying that the language includes extremism, terror threats, pedophilia, and sexual repression.

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