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Food Waste Rises Dramatically During the Month of Ramadan in Morocco

Source : | 31 March 2021 |  News | 723 views

Rabat – The Moroccan Federation for Consumer Rights (FMDC) announced on March 25, that 41.1% of Moroccan households waste one-third of edible food duringRamadan, with a monetary value of MAD 500 ($52.26) per month.In a statement toMorocco World News, president of the FMDC Bouazza Kherrati said that during Ramadan Morocco reaches its peak of consumable waste materials such as electricity, water, and food in particular.“How come, in the twenty-first century, that nearly two millions’ worth of food production is wasted annually by each family rather than active units such as restaurants!”He also called on Morocco to prepare a policy to protect national products as well as preserving hard currency.The Federation also recalls theUN Environment Programreport estimating that each Moroccan wastes approximately 91 kilograms of food per capita every year.“Such behavior is incompatible with good management and contribution to the national economy,” a statement of the FMDC said.The FMDC recalled that “Ramadan is a month dedicated to piety, fasting, and “not a month of excessive consumption.”In response, the federation called for a national awareness campaign during the last 10 days of Chaabane, the eighth month of the Islamic calendar.The campaign is under the theme “Good food management is everyone’s duty.”The FMDC issued a warning on food waste and excessive consumption at a time when food loss and waste are a source of concern due to food shortages and water scarcity across the world.

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