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Bourita Invites Belgian Counterpart to Visit Morocco Following Talks

Source : | 31 March 2021 |  News | 766 views

Rabat – Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccans Residing Abroad, Nasser Bourita, held talks with his Belgian counterpart, Sophie Wilmes, on March 30.During the phone call, Wilmes, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Affairs, and Foreign Trade and the Federal Cultural Institutions of Belgium, welcomed Moroccan diaspora’s role in the European country, describing it as a pillar of the exemplary partnership between the two countries.The two parties also praised the ties of friendship between the royal families of the two kingdoms, as well as the stability of the relationship between the government, reads thepress releasefrom Morocco’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Wilmes also praised Morocco’s role in securing development and achieving stability in both the region, as well as within Africa.For his part, Bourita invited the Belgian minister to visit Morocco later in the year, when the epidemiological situation will allow for it. Wilmes agreed to the visit, with the aim to “consolidate the strategic nature of the bilateral partnership” between the two countries. The press release added that the visit would also allow for improved political dialogue, and open new areas for innovative economic cooperation.Read also: Embassy in Belgium Denies Ex-Terror Convict’s Torture Claims Against MoroccoThe two countries enjoy a stable relationship and have extended cooperation into a variety of economic and diplomatic areas. Belgium was one of the plethoras of countries that vocally supported Morocco’s move to resolve theGuerguerat crisis.In an interview from September 2020, the Moroccan ambassador to Belgium, Mohamed Ameur, was fullof praisefor the Moroccan diaspora’s contribution to their host country’s socio-economic life. The ambassador noted that the presence in Belgium of a community of Moroccans “constitutes an opportunity” for the two countries, and furthermore the diaspora participated in a “remarkable way to the modernization of Morocco.”“This is the reason why the policy towards the diaspora must accompany and promote integration,” concluded Ameur.

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