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John Kerry: Morocco, A Critical Partner in Global Climate Efforts

Source : | 31 March 2021 |  News | 4438 views

Rabat – John Kerry, the US’ Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, hasexpressedsatisfaction with Morocco’s approach againstclimate change.In a tweet, Kelly announced that he held a phone call with Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.He described Morocco as a “tremendous partner in the global fight on climate change.”He also recalled Morocco’s commitment to the fight againstclimate changeduring COP22, the climate change-themed event which Morocco hosted in Marrakech in 2015.“We’re eager to deepen our partnership on the #RoadtoGlasgow,” Kerry said.Kerry is not the first high-ranking foreign official to commend Morocco’s approach against climate change.The country’s renewable energy projects have consistently received international applause in recent months. Many observers often single out Morocco’s approach against climate change as a regional and global example.Recently, observers raised eyebrows after the White House did not extend an invitation to Morocco to attend the virtual climate summit the US will host on April 22-23.Excluding Morocco, which is among the world’s leaders in the fight against climate change, representatives from 40 countries will take part in the event.Meanwhile, the discussion between Kerry and Bourita comes both as an acknowledgment of Morocco’s “tremendous” efforts on the climate front, and a reassurance that the US values its climate cooperation with Morocco. Read Also: UN Survey: Most Moroccans Believe Climate Change Is RealMorocco invests billions in renewable energy projects.It also hosts the world’s largest concentrated solar power (CSP) plant. TheNoor Power Plantcontributed significantly to Morocco’s success in reaching its renewable energy goals.The country also launched theGreen Planin 2008. The plan aims to position agriculture as the Moroccan economy’s main growth driver over the next ten to fifteen years.The country’s efforts have been cited in several world-renowned reports.Morocco ranked third worldwide in the 2020 Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI), following Sweden and Denmark.The CCPI commended Morocco for its ambitious 2030 targets and called the North African country a “frontrunner in this regard.”The Index consists of four categories: Greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy, energy use, and climate policy, and employs 14 indicators to determine countries’ performance.

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