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King Mohammed VI Wishes Algeria’s Abdelmadjid Tebboune Speedy Recovery

Source : | 14 December 2020 |  World | 634 views

King Mohammed VI sent a letter today, December 14, to Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune wishing him a speedy recovery from COVID-19.“We express to you our deep satisfaction with the improvement of your health. We pray to God Almighty to quicken your recovery, restore your full health, and bless you with … a long life,†King Mohammed VI wrote, as cited in aRoyal Cabinet statement.King Mohammed VI sent the letter one day after President Tebboune addressed the Algerian people in a recorded speech from Germany, where he is undergoing treatment for COVID-19.“With the grace of God and his thanks, your speech to the brotherly Algerian people on Sunday has shown that you are recovering,†the King wrote.In his speech on Sunday, his first public appearance since mid-October, 75-year-old Tebboune announced that he was recovering from COVID-19 and expressed his hope to return to Algeria soon.“Thanks to God … I have started on the road to recovery. It may take two or three weeks but, God willing, I will recover all my bodily strength,†the Algerian president said.“We will soon be in the country to continue building a new Algeria,†he continued.The Algerian Presidency announced Tebboune contracted COVID-19 in late October, a few days after he went into quarantine because of infections among some senior Algerian officials.Algeria’s leader then flew to Germany to receive treatment. However, no official sources had updated the Algerian people about his condition, until his appearance on Sunday.King Mohammed VI is among the first state leaders to wish Tebboune a speedy recovery after his short speech. The King’s letter proves once again that, despite tensions, Morocco does not hold a grudge against Algeria and is ready for dialogue.

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