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Spanish Official: Morocco, Spain Relations Excellent, Constant

Source : | 13 December 2020 |  News | 228 views


Rabat – The first vice-president of the Spanish government Carmen Calvo has reiterated the importance of strong diplomatic relations betweenMorocco and Spain.She said her country and Morocco share many common interests.“The relations that the government maintains with Morocco are excellent, fluid, constant and continuous in all areas where the two countries have many common interests,” Calvo said.She said that the two neighboring countries share bilateral interests and also within the framework of the European Union (EU).The Spanish official also commented on the decision of Spain and Morocco to postpone their high-level meeting to February.The meeting was scheduled for December 17, but both countries decided to postpone it due to the spread of theCOVID-19pandemic.Calvo emphasized the importance of the meeting, which seeks to further advance bilateral relations between the two countries.“There are frankly good relations [between Morocco and Spain] and permanent contact between members of the governments of the two countries,” she said.Morocco is also satisfied with its relations and high level of cooperation with Spain.On Saturday, Morocco’s Ambassador to Spain, Karima Benyaich said the two countries are “strategic partners” who are working in full confidence and solidarity.Benyaich said that the high-level meeting in February will be a “historic moment” in relations between the two countries.“We are two reliable countries, two countries which have excellent relations and work on a daily basis,” she said.Benyaich also expressed support for the US decision to recognize the full sovereignty of Morocco over the Western Sahara region.She said the decision is historic and of great importance.Benyaich emphasized that the American decision reiterated that the Autonomy Plan is “the only solution” to the dispute over the Sahara within the framework of the territorial integrity of Morocco and to contribute to peace and stability in the region.

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