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PJD Welcomes US Recognition of Morocco’s Western Sahara Sovereignty, Expresses Support for Palestine

Source : | 13 December 2020 |  News | 881 views


Rabat – Morocco’s ruling Justice and Development Party (PJD) reacted to the US move to recognize Rabat’s sovereignty over Western Sahara.On Saturday, the general secretariat of the PJD held a meeting to discuss the developments related to Western Sahara after the US decision to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over theregion.After “frank and responsible deliberation,†the PJD general secretariat said it holds “pride and confidence in the wise leadership†of King Mohammed VI and the “historic†achievements that Morocco’s national cause is witnessing.The PJD meeting concluded that the US declaration was important, opening new horizons to “strengthen the Moroccan position†in the international community.The party also said the decision increases the isolation of “opponents†of Morocco’s territorial integrity and contributes to “confronting their conspiracies.â€PJD also remarked on Morocco’s decision to establishdiplomatic relationswith Israel.On December 10, US President Donald Trump announced that Rabat and Tel Aviv agreed to establish relations. King Mohammed VI confirmed the news through a royal cabinet statement.In the announcement, King Mohammed VI said Morocco will resume official bilateral contact and diplomatic relations with Israel as soon as possible.He said the countries will also reopen liaison offices as was the case in the past for many years, until 2002.The King, however, reassured that Morocco’s decision will not affect its steadfast position regarding thePalestinian cause.The monarch said that no measures affect Morocco’s permanent and sustained commitment to continue to defend the Palestinian cause, and its constructive engagement for the establishment of a just and lasting peace in the Middle East.PJDreiteratedits position regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict, recalling its “firm stances towards the Zionist occupation and the crimes it commits against the Palestinian people including the ongoing attacks on the Al-Aqsa Mosque,†as well as the confiscation of Palestinian lands.The PJD also condemned Israel’s refusal to allow Palestinians the right of return, a “blatant violation of all international covenants and decisions,†as well as its attempts to “normalize its relations and penetrate Islamic societies.â€PJD has been denying rumors that Morocco will accept to establish diplomatic relations with Israel.Earlier this year, as the UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan each announced their decisions to establish ties with Tel Aviv, Israeli and US media theorized that Morocco was next in line.Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani, during a meeting of the PJD party, denied the rumors and expressed full support for the Palestinian cause in August.While the rumors of Morocco-Israel diplomacy proved true, the consensus on the Palestinian cause among the Moroccan monarchy, political parties, and citizens remains unchanged.

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