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Western Sahara: US Officially Adopts Undivided Map of Morocco

Source : | 13 December 2020 |  News | 524 views


Rabat – The US government has adopted the official undivided map of Morocco, including the southern provinces, American Ambassador David Fischer said on Saturday.Before USrecognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara, the US government used a map of Morocco showing the southern provinces cut off from the rest of the country.Fischer said he plans to give the map as a gift to King Mohammed VI in acknowledgment of “his bold leadership, and for his continuous and invaluable support for the deep friendship between our nations.”Read also: Colonialism and Conflict: Facts About the Map of MoroccoThe ambassador, who signed the map in a ceremony, said the map is a tangible representation of President Trump’s important proclamation on December 10 of US recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara.Trump announced that he signed the proclamation to support Morocco’s cause. In his proclamation, he said Morocco’s serious and credible Autonomy Plan is the “only solution” to end the conflict and that an independent Sahrawi “state” in Western Sahara is unrealistic. The president added that the US will open aconsulate generalin the southern Moroccan city of Dakhla, and the region has already started to welcome new USinvestment projects. The US previously acknowledged Morocco’s Autonomy Plan as a credible basis for negotiations, but Trump’s decision to recognize Moroccan sovereignty was unprecedented.The decision received varying feedback from the international community. Many countries supported the US decision, including the UAE, Oman, and Bahrain. Other countries supporting Morocco’s territorial integrity also expressed support for the US move, including Eswatini, Gabon, and Zambia.The move was shocking, however, for Algeria, who denounced the US decision, deeming it as a violation of international law.Many Western Sahara analysts and observers questioned why Algeria’s government hesitated to issue official remarks regarding the situation, given that it is among the first countries that continue to challenge Morocco’s territorial integrity.It was not until two days after the decision that Algerian Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad said the development in the region is “destabilizing” Algeria.Algeria also used its national press agency to publish reactions from the Polisario Front to the US decision.In addition to US support for Morocco’s territorial integrity, Trump also announced that Morocco and Israel agreed to establish diplomatic relations.King Mohammed VI confirmed the US announcement in a royal cabinet press release. He welcomed Trump’s decision to recognize Moroccan sovereignty in Western Sahara and assured that Morocco’s support for the Palestinian cause remains unchanged.Read also: King Mohammed VI Assures Mahmoud Abbas of Unchanged Position on Palestine Amid Israel Normalization

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