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Morocco Aborts Drug Smuggling Operation on 10-Camel Convoy

Source : | 11 December 2020 |  News | 824 views


Morocco’s General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) arrested on Tuesday one suspect in the Errachidia province, located in the region of Draa-Tafilalet in eastern Morocco, and stopped a drug smuggling operation. Local police aborted the operation of a camel convoy carrying 1.025 tonnes of cannabis resin, according to the official DGSN Twitter account.Security services found the camel convoy without owners en route with 41 packages of drugs, which makes it an unusual case. Police seized the camels’ cargo.Regional judicial police arrested the 31-year-old suspect shortly afterward in Rissani, near the town of Errachidia, after investigations.DGSN located the camel convoy’s route in cooperation with Morocco’s border surveillance guards of Zguilima, located on the outskirts of Zagora.Security services took the suspect, who has a criminal record related to drug smuggling, into police custody pending the public prosecutor’s investigation of his involvement in the crime.The operation adds to Morocco’s national security services’ efforts in fighting drug smuggling activities.This month, DGSN, in cooperation with the American Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), aborted in the port of Tangier a load of 35 kilograms of cocaine en route from South America to Asia.DGSN plays an important role in fighting drug smuggling in Morocco including along its Mediterranean borders, which boosts the country’s status as a pillar of stability in the region.

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