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Algeria, Russia Condemn US Position on Morocco’s Western Sahara Sovereignty

Source : | 11 December 2020 |  News | 219 views


Rabat – Russia’s government has openly condemned US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty overWestern Sahara. Algeria, meanwhile, chose its state press to indirectly denounce the move in the absence of an official response.Through Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, Russia officiallycriticizedTrump’s decision on Thursday, saying it is “unilateral.â€AFP reported that the Russian official said Trump’s move violates “international law.â€On Thursday, Trump issued a presidential proclamation supporting Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara.He also announced thatMorocco and Israelagreed to establish diplomatic relations.Russia, to which Algeria is historically a proxy, continues to officially pledge support for the UN-led political process to find a mutually acceptable solution to the Western Sahara conflict.Despite its “neutral†position, Russia and Morocco continue to work together and vowed recently to boost cooperation in all fields, including trade and politics.Read also:Russia, Morocco Reiterate Determination to Enrich Political DialogueAlgeria, South Africa still silent, so farSurprisingly, Algeria—one of the countries that continues to publicly express hostility regarding the Moroccan position on Western Sahara, has not yet officially condemned Trump’s decision.Algeria, however, chose to attack Trump’s move through its state-sponsored news agency, without citing statements from Algerian executives.On Friday, Algerian news agency APScitedPolisario statements in an article published as “broad condemnation of Trump’s recognition†of Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara.The article cited Polisario “officials†and their traditional positions regarding Morocco’s diplomatic achievements in the conflict.Traditionally, the Algerian foreign ministry issues press releases to condemn every diplomatic move in favor of Morocco’s position on Western Sahara.Last year and this year, Morocco’s eastern neighbor issued a set of statements to attack African countries who decided to open consulates in Laayoune or Dakhla, southern Morocco.Algeria shelters, finances, and supports the separatist Polisario Front and backs its independence claims over Western Sahara.South Africa, one of the other main countries that opposes Morocco’s position, also did not yet voice its official position regarding the US’ move.It remains to be seen whether Algeria and South Africa will release official statements in the coming days.On the other hand, several countries have expressed support for Trump’s move.Countries that support Morocco’s territorial integrity, including Bahrain, the UAE, and Oman, welcomed the US’ move to recognize Rabat’s sovereignty over Western Sahara.These countries along with Egypt also congratulated Israel and Morocco for agreeing to establish diplomatic relations.

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