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Spain, Morocco Postpone High-Level Meeting to February

Source : | 11 December 2020 |  News | 169 views


Rabat – Spain and Morocco have agreed to postpone a high-level meeting on the current state and future of their bilateral ties, the Spanish government announced on Thursday.The two governments initially scheduled the meeting for December 17. But the prevailing pandemic context and the two countries’ desire to organize a series of in-person discussions as part of the high-level event led them to postpone the meeting to February.According to a  press release from the Spanish foreign ministry, both countries agreed to postpone the meeting so that it can “develop smoothly, including the usual meetings that are typical of a meeting of this magnitude.”The ministry emphasized  that the high level meeting betweenSpain and Moroccoconstitutes a “transcendental” event for the development of “deep and dense relations of friendship and cooperation that exist between two strategic partners.”Spain also reiterated strong diplomatic relations with Morocco, reaffirming its willingness to continue to boost diplomatic ties with a country Madrid regards as a “crucial” and “indispensable” ally..Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez was expected to co-chair the event with his Moroccan counterpartSaad Eddine El Othmani.Spain and Moroccoshare strong bilateral relations. The two countries typically team up to work out shared solutions to common challenges, including policies to manage irregular migration or combat drug and human trafficking networks.Spain is also Morocco’s top economic partner, accounting for 28.4% of the country’s total foreign trade with the European Union (EU) in 2019.Spain is also one of the countries with a significant number of Moroccan diaspora. The latest statistics from the Spanish Ministry of Integration indicate that Moroccans remain the majority of non-EU workers who are registered for social security inSpain in 2020.By the end of June, 254,000 Moroccans in Spain were registered for social security in Spain.

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