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Algerian Media Accuse Morocco of Funding Hollywood Film Based on Trailer

Source : | 10 December 2020 |  World | 402 views


Algerian television channel El Djazairia One has accused Morocco of financing Hollywood movie “Redemption Day,” based on a two-minute trailer. The movie’s release is not until January 2021.In avideo reportbroadcast on December 7, the television channel insinuates that Morocco financially supported the movie’s production to portray a negative image of Algeria.“Redemption Day” narrates the story of a US Marine who visits Morocco with his wife for a vacation. During a trip near the Moroccan-Algerian borders, however, a terrorist group kidnaps the soldier’s wife and flees into Algeria.The soldier, who Gary Dourdan plays, then leads a rescue mission in collaboration with an officer from Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial Investigation (BCIJ), played by Moroccan actorBrice El Glaoui Bexter.El Djazairia One’s report claims that the movie is “pure propaganda” that a “Morocco-US alliance in Hollywood” is pushing.“There is no room for coincidence in these sensitive times and this sensitive region,” the report said, implying that Morocco supported the movie due to its tension with Algeria.“The movie attempts to defame the reputation of Algeria because of its stability and security,” the footage adds.El Djazaira One called Algerian international relations professor Ismail Debch, known for his pro-regime stance during the Hirak popular movement, to comment on the movie.The professor claimed thatMorocco and the USare releasing the movie because of the growing ties between Algeria and Russia.The film’s director, Hicham Hajji, commented on the report and denounced the allegations.“Maybe you guys need to watch the movie first before judging,” the Hollywood-based, Morocco-born director wrote on Twitter.

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