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Morocco Endorses Audrey Azoulay for 2nd UNESCO DG Term

Source : | 3 December 2020 |  Arts & Culture | 1043 views

Morocco has officially announced its support for the candidacy ofUNESCO Director-GeneralAudrey Azoulay for a second term at the head of the UN organization.Morocco’s Permanent Ambassador to UNESCO, Samir Addahre, expressed the country’s endorsement of Azoulay’s candidacy at the opening session of the 210th UNESCO Executive Board on December 2.“I take this opportunity to express to you, Madam Director-General, on behalf of Morocco, following the announcement of your candidacy for a second term, our full support and our commitment to act towards the success of this candidacy,” Addahre said.“This support is in line with our position, that of welcoming your reforming action and allowing you to finish it for the benefit and flourishing of this organization,” he added.The Moroccan diplomat welcomed Azoulay’s efforts during her first mandate to improve UNESCO’s programs and initiatives. He stressed the need to support the organization’s leadership in “these times of uncertainties.”Azoulay recently announced her candidacy for a second term. She took office as director-general of UNESCO on November 15, 2017.Audrey Azoulay, a French national, was born to a Moroccan Jewish family from Essaouira. Her father,Andre Azoulay, is a royal advisor. He currently serves as an advisor to King Mohammed VI and previously advised late King Hassan II.While Audrey Azoulay, unlike her parents, does not have Moroccan citizenship, she has a close connection to Morocco. In 2017, the North African country was among the first states to congratulate her on her election as the head of UNESCO.Azoulay was elected as director-general of UNESCO at a difficult time for the organization. She was elected during the same time as the US and Israel renounced their UNESCO membership, accusing the organization of having an anti-Israel bias.During her mandate, Azoulay worked towards restoring UNESCO’s credibility and the trust of its member states. Some of the main axes that Azoulay focused on were access to education and gender equality. She also worked on issues relating to the digital world, the prevention of extremism, and youth empowerment.

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