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Iconic Moroccan Singer Mahmoud El Idrissi Dies at 72 Due to COVID-19

Source : | 26 November 2020 |  News | 146 views


Rabat – Morocco has said farewell to another iconic public figure, Mahmoud El Idrissi. The singer died at the age of 70 due to COVID-19 complications.The artist was under intensive care in a private clinic in Casablanca after his state of health deteriorated.Born in Rabat in 1948, Mahmoud El Idrissi has a long repertoire of artistic Moroccan songs.Moroccan television channel 2M said that El Idrissi’s first singing experience dates back to 1964.El Idrissi produced one of his first songs in the Moroccan dialect (Darija) in 1970.Some of El Idrissi’s beautiful songs include “Sa’a Sa’ida” (Happy Hour), “Sber Ya Qlbi” (Be Patient, My Heart), and “Bgha Yfkerni F Li Fat” (He Wants to Remind Me of the Past).In 2020, Moroccans have bid farewell to several iconic artists who passed away due either to natural causes or illness.On September 2, renowned actor Abdeljabbar Louzir died at 92.A few weeks later, iconic actor Anoua Joundi died at 58.Most recently in October, Morocco lost renowned actor Aziz Saadallah, who died at the age of 70.

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