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Morocco’s Princess Lalla Hasnaa Celebrates 53rd Birthday

Source : | 19 November 2020 |  Arts & Culture | 862 views


Rabat – Princess Lalla Hasnaa, the younger sister of Morocco’s King Mohammed V, celebrates her 53rd birthday on Thursday, November 19.The youngest daughter of the late King Hassan II, the princess was born on November 19, 1967, in Rabat. As the chairwoman of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection, Princess Lalla Hasnaa is at the forefront of multiple environmental programs in Morocco and abroad, coordinating with international institutions such asUNESCO. The foundation manages nearly 20 programs related to environmental education; coastlines, air quality, and climate; sustainable tourism; the palm grove of Marrakech; and Morocco’s historic gardens. In 2018 and 2019, Princess Lalla Hasnaa spearheaded numerous climate initiatives in her capacity as chairwoman of the Mohammed VI foundation. The foundation launched the Air-Climate program in 2018 to empower Moroccans in mitigating local air pollution and global warming. The program aims to educate citizens and businesses about the impacts of greenhouse gases and climate change, reflecting Morocco’s push for sustainable energy solutions. In June 2019, Princess Lalla Hasnaa inaugurated the Hassan II International Environmental Training Center in Bouknadel, north of Rabat. The center is now at the heart of the Mohammed VI foundation’s programs for education, awareness, and outreach. The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection launched in September 2019 the African Youth Climate Hub in collaboration with the Children and Youth Constituency. The African Youth Climate Hub is a virtual space for exchange and support among young Africans regarding issues of climate change. The hub aims to contribute meaningfully to climate action through youth-based and inclusive projects with a focus on measurable impacts across the continent and on a global scale. The same month, Princess Lalla Hasnaa presented the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York. She detailed the project’s core aspirations, which include empowering African rural communities through a youth-led, collaborative initiative that encourages effective implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.Princess Lalla Hasnaa’s environmental preservation efforts earned her a spot onReset Global People’sannual list of the Top 100 Women CEOs in Africa.The December 2019 ranking recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of women CEOs who support the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa. In addition to her affinity for the environment, the princess is also involved in social aspects of sustainable development and cultural activities. Princess Lalla Hasnaa is the chairwoman of the Al-Ihssan association and celebrated the non-profit’s 30th anniversary in December 2019. The association is responsible for the Maison d’Enfants Lalla Hasna (Lalla Hasna Children’s Home) in Casablanca, which hosts some 100 infants and children without families.

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