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Morocco’s Supreme Council of Ulemas Condemns Attacks on Islam

Source : | 26 October 2020 |  News | 201 views


Morocco’sSupreme Council of Ulemas— the highest religious authority in the country — has condemned all attacks on Islam and Prophet Muhammad.The council issued a statement on Monday, October 26, in response to the rise ofIslamophobia in France.“The council rejects and denounces any form of attack on the sacredness of religions, and at their head the prophets who have transmitted to all humanity the values of love, fraternity, and solidarity between people,†the statement said.The organization, chaired byKing Mohammed VI, said that the world today must “find inspiration in the values transmitted by all prophets to all of humanity, without any distinction.â€The council agreed that all “wise politicians and scientists†must stand against terrorism and “barbaric†crimes. However, it condemned the attacks on Islam and prophets in the name of democracy and freedom of expression.“Any attack on one of the prophets is an offense against all of them together and a denial of their values, which stand up against all forms of violence, depravity, and moral degradation,†the council said.The religious authority also warned against the “great dangers†that can result from attacking believers’ faith.“The slogans of democracy and freedom of expression should not serve as pretexts for hate speech,†the statement said.The council’s statement came in response to a rise inIslamophobic acts in France.Last week, French President Emmanuel Macron declared that his country “will not renounce†caricatures and drawings that depict Prophet Muhammad.A number of French government buildings also allowed the display of caricatures on their facades, deeply offensive to Muslims and the Islamic doctrine.The provocative move, anti-Islamic speech from France’s president, and a wave of violent episodes prompted a campaign toboycott French productsin the Muslim world.Morocco is among many Islamic countries that officially denounced the Islamophobic acts in France.

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