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Rabat Hospital Patient Fights Off Post-Surgery Sexual Assault Attempt

Source : | 23 October 2020 |  News | 94 views


Rabat – A 25-year-old female patient was forced to fight off an attempted sexual assault as she recovered from surgery. The woman in question reported to police that a worker attempted to rape her in Ibn Sina hospital in Rabat, according to local Arabic language outlet Al Akhbar. The attack took place in a ward of Ibn Sina hospital where a 27-year-old worker, contracted through a temporary recruitment agency, tried to violate the recovering patient, according to the same source. The 25-year-old victim was recovering from surgery in the hospital located to the north of Rabat’s city center. Amid a lull in activity in the ward, the assailant allegedly told the victim that she had an appointment with her doctor in one of the hospital’s consultation rooms. According to the patient’s testimony, he lied to her about the need for an immediate rehabilitation session. The attacker brought the female patient, still unable to walk, to a separate room where, according to the woman’s testimony, he attempted to sexually assault her. The 25-year-old proved stronger than the man had expected. The young woman beat him back and threatened to scream until her assailant fled in a panic.The female patient immediately reported the sexual assault to local police in Rabat. When investigators arrived at the hospital, the 27-year-old staff member had fled the scene. Police were able to quickly corroborate the story with camera recordings and testimonies from patients who shared a room with the victim, and have since arrested the suspect. Police presented the suspect to the investigating judge on Wednesday, Al Akhbar reported.The patient’s report of the sexual assault to Rabat police ended up in the print edition of several newspapers. On Friday the story made the frontpage of Al Akhbar and Assabah newspapers, which questioned the hospital’s hiring policies. The hospital had used a temporary recruitment agency to hire the worker and local outlets questioned whether the hospital followed the strict hiring guidelines for temporary staff. Hospitals in Morocco are only allowed to hire temporary staff members who have undergone rigorous criminal background checks.

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