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King Mohammed VI Sends Condolences to Family of Late Ahmed Adghirni

Source : | 21 October 2020 |  News | 138 views


King Mohammed VIsent on Tuesday a message of condolences and compassion to the family of late Moroccan lawyer and activist, Ahmed Adghirni.The prominent figure of theAmazigh movementin Morocco, also known as Dda Hmad, died on Monday after a six-year battle with Parkinson’s disease.In his message, the King said that he “has learned with deep sorrow” the passing of Ahmed Adghirni, sharing his wishes that the deceased receives God’s mercy.“In this painful circumstance, we express to the small family of the deceased and, through them, all his relatives, friends, and great activist family, our deep condolences and sincere feelings of compassion,” King Mohammed VI wrote.Ahmed Adghirni was “an activist known for his professional competence and his commitment to the noble principles of the legal profession and human rights issues,” the King added.He concluded his message by asking God to grant Dda Hmad’s family patience and comfort and to reward the late activist for his work.Born in 1947 in Morocco’sAtlas Mountains, Ahmed Adghirni was an important figure of the Amazigh movement that struggled for official recognition of the Amazigh identity in North Africa.Dda Hmad worked as a lawyer and defended many Amazigh activists in court, including the leader of theHirak Rif protest movement, Nasser Zefzafi.Adghirni was a well-respected speaker and participated in numerous conferences on politics and Amazigh identity in Morocco, North Africa, and Europe.He is one of the founding members of theWorld Amazigh Congressin 1995, an umbrella organization that works with NGOs defending Amazigh rights from across the world.Dda Hmad’s internationally-recognized contribution to the Amazigh cause led activists from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and France, among other countries, to mourn his passing.

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