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Pacific Alliance Supports Morocco’s Autonomy Plan in Western Sahara

Source : | 20 October 2020 |  News | 140 views


The Pacific Alliance expressed on Monday its support forMorocco’s Autonomy Planin Western Sahara, Moroccan state media reported.The Latin American trade bloc, which includes Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, vocalized its stance on the Western Sahara conflict during a virtual conference organized by the Moroccan Embassy in Santiago, Chile.The meeting brought together senior parliamentarians from the four Latin American countries and theSpeaker of Morocco’s House of Representatives, Habib El Malki.The speakers of the Latin American parliaments, united under the Inter-Parliamentary Commission of the Pacific Alliance, said Morocco’s Autonomy Plan in Western Sahara is “serious and credible.â€The autonomy initiative, which Morocco submitted to the UN in 2007, suggests turning the Western Sahara region into a semi-autonomous region that remains under Morocco’s sovereignty.In practical terms, under the Autonomy Plan, the population of Western Sahara would autonomously manage their social, economic, and political development. Meanwhile, the central Moroccan government would be responsible for issues of national interest, such as defense and diplomacy.The members of the Inter-Parliamentary Commission of the Pacific Alliance also expressed support for theUN Security Council’s resolutionsregarding the Western Sahara conflict, particularly resolutions 1754 and 2494.InResolution 1754, adopted in April 2007, the Security Council “takes note†of the Moroccan Autonomy Plan and “welcomes the serious and credible Moroccan efforts†to solve the territorial dispute.Meanwhile,Resolution 2494, adopted in October 2019, “welcomed the steps and initiatives taken by Morocco and the role played by the National Council on Human Rights Commissions operating in Dakhla and Laayoune,†southern Morocco.The Pacific Alliance’s statements testify to the significant diplomatic momentum that Morocco gained in Latin America in recent years.

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