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FM: Food Security, Logistics Are Pillars of Morocco-Brazil Cooperation

Source : | 19 October 2020 |  Economy | 261 views


Morocco and Brazil must build on their partnerships in food security and logistics to further improve bilateral relations, said the Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Bourita.The two sectors, according to Bourita, represent the “main pillars” of Morocco-Brazil cooperation.The Moroccan minister made the statement on Monday during the opening session of theBrazil-Arab Countries Forum. The online event began today and will continue through October 22.Speaking before senior officials from Brazil and the Arab world, includingBrazilian PresidentJair Bolsonaro, Bourita expressed Morocco’s hopes to become Brazil’s “reference partner” in Africa and the Mediterranean.Pointing out Morocco’s assets in the food security and logistics sectors, which could benefit Brazil, the Moroccan diplomat presented some of theOCP Group’s achievements. The largely-state-owned phosphate company is a leading global exporter of fertilizers.Brazil, as a “world-renowned agricultural powerhouse,” could greatly benefit from dealing with Morocco’s OCP Group, Bourita said.The Moroccan FM also mentioned theTangier Med Port, “one of the most important ports in the world.” The port, located in the north of Morocco, is the 35th-busiest in the world and the busiest in the Mediterranean. It has connections with 186 ports across five continents.Bourita invited Brazilian companies to benefit from the accessibility that the Tangier Med Port provides, as well as the nearby 40-hectare free logistics zone. The port could become a hub for Moroccan-Brazilian cooperation, the official said.“Optimal exploitation of these two niches [food security and logistics] will allow operators from Morocco and Brazil to make a qualitative leap in their historic bilateral relations and to capitalize on all the available opportunities,” Bourita added.During the event, the Brazilian president recognized Morocco’s importance for Brazil’s agricultural sector.“Morocco, with whom we have an important political rapprochement, represents a strategic partner for Brazil and for our agriculture, since it is an indispensable fertilizer supplier,” Bolsonaro said.

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