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Morocco Offers 150 Scholarships to Students From Gabon

Source : | 18 October 2020 |  World | 759 views


Rabat – Morocco has offered 150 scholarships to students from Gabon for the year 2020 through the Moroccan International Cooperation Agency (AMCI).The number of scholarships AMCI grants each year to Gabonese baccalaureate holders has increased from 60 to 150 between 2016 and 2020, said Morocco’s Ambassador to Gabon Abdellah Sbihi.Of the 150 total scholarships for students from Gabon, 130 are reserved for university training and 20 for vocational training, according to Morocco’s state media. “This high number of scholarships makes the Kingdom the first destination for Gabonese students,” Sbihi said Friday during a discussion with the Director-General of the Gabon National Scholarship Agency (ANBG), Sandra Flore Mambari Pinze Abessolo. Sbihi and Abessolo agreed to meet regularly for discussions of the scholarship program “so that the enthusiasm for the student destination in Morocco remains at its highest level in accordance with the exemplary relations between the two countries.”Two special flights between Libreville to Casablanca are operational once a week to allow the scholarship students from Gabon travel to Morocco amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the ambassador said. Along with Gabon, Morocco has previously offered scholarships to students fromGhanaandCote d’Ivoireas part of its scientific and cultural diplomacy in Africa. The scholarship program that allows students from Gabon to study in Morocco is one of many partnerships between the two countries. Morocco and Gabon enjoy exceptionally close ties, with King Mohammed VI having a long-standing friendship with Gabonese President Ali Bongo. The two leaders have been friends since theirteenage yearsand have maintained a strong relationship ever since. Ali Bongo frequently vacations in Morocco, and King Mohammed VI has been known to celebrate theNew Yearin Gabon. When the Gabonese leader suffered a stroke in 2018, King Mohammed VI requested that he recover in Rabat rather than London. The Moroccan monarch visited his friend in the hospital.  Gabon is also asupporterof Morocco’s position in Western Sahara and inaugurated in January ageneral consulatein Laayoune. 

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