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Police Arrest 4 for Irregular Migration in Dakhla, Southern Morocco

Source : | 18 October 2020 |  News | 122 views


Rabat – Police in Dakhla, southern Morocco arrested on Sunday four suspects for their alleged involvement in a network active in the organization of irregular migration andhuman trafficking.Police arrested the four suspects aged between 17 and 46, a statement from the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) reported.Preliminary investigations determined the suspects were involved in the organization of an irregular migration operation by sea that security services aborted this morning.During the operation, police arrested two would-be migrants aged 20 and 32.Police seized a traditional boat linked to a tow vehicle, two outboard motors, and several jerry cans containing 60 liters of fuel.Police put the suspects in custody for further investigation.The would-be migrants were subject to a judicial investigation, which is ongoing to determine the circumstances of the case and to arrest further accomplices.The operation against the irregular migration attempt is part of Morocco’s approach against undocumented migration andhuman trafficking.The country’s security services have been carrying out sea and land operations to abort irregular migration over the years.One of the recent operations took place on Tuesday, when police arrested one suspect for his links with a human trafficking network in Sale, near Rabat.The suspect was hosting 14 Moroccan candidates for irregular migration.The North African country aborted 74,000 irregular migration attempts last year. Morocco’sDGSN also arrested 27,317 would-be migrants in 2019.

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