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CNDH, KAS Seek Rights-Centered Reform of Morocco’s Health System

Source : | 14 October 2020 |  News | 190 views


Meknes – Morocco’s National Council of Human Rights (CNDH) and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) launched on Wednesday a project to advance a human rights-centered reform of the country’s health system. Titled “Effectiveness of the right to health in Morocco: towards a health system founded on a human rights-based approach,” the project falls under CNDH’s mission, which is the protection and promotion ofhuman rightsin the country.The project is an opportunity to translate the lessons Morocco learned from the COVID-19 pandemic into practical reform steps, to fortify Moroccans’ right to access the health care system, according to a CNDH press release.The initiative aims to facilitate an exchange among stakeholders and national and international partners on strategies to reform Morocco’s health care system post-COVID-19.Upon the project’s launch, CNDH President Amina Bouayach stressed its inclusive, consultative, “down-up†approach. The initiative involves not only the Ministry of Health, but actors who operate across the field such as pharmacists, doctors, and unions, she said.The CNDH president underlined that the “project does not have the ambition to make a break with what has already been achieved.” The initiative seeks to inform decisive steps going forward to address the social and territorial inequalities that hinder the equal enjoyment of this right, she added.More specifically, the project calls on regional actors to provide a road map to reconsider the “management of material and human resources in the health sector†in order to contribute to decision-making.Participants of the inaugural session included Minister of Health Khalid Ait Taleb, WHO representative Maryam Bigdeli, and KAS Director Steffen Kruger.Kruger stated that the study of health care systems that launched today should contribute to the development of reforms for Morocco’s health sector.The WHO representative in Morocco affirmed that the right to the healthcare system is a top priority for the country. Read also: Brazilian Investment Experts Spotlight Morocco’s Health Care Industry

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