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Morocco Allows 10,000 Mosques to Open, Hold Friday Sermons

Source : | 13 October 2020 |  News | 131 views


Rabat – Morocco’s Ministry of Islamic Affairsannouncedon Tuesday the decision to increase the number of open mosques to 10,000.The ministry also allowed themosquesto host the five daily prayers, in addition to Friday sermons and prayers.The decision will be effective starting Friday, October 16.The ministry requested themosquesto take all preventive measures into account to preserve the safety of worshippers.Only 5,000 mosques out of over 50,000 across Morocco have been operating since July 15. Initially, the 5,000 mosques were not open for Friday prayers — which attract large crowds — in order to avoid COVID-19 contamination among worshippers.Read Also: Morocco to Re-Open 5,000 Mosques Wednesday as Lockdown Eases GraduallyThe decision to re-open 5,000mosquesin July was part of Morocco’s gradual lockdown easing strategy and included a set of safety conditions.Worshippers should take with them plastic bags to put their shoes in when they are inside the mosque.Moroccans should also wear masks outside and inside the mosque and bring their own Quran if they wish to read some verses inside the prayer hall.Worshippers should also bring their own prayer mat and respect social distancing guidelines.Children under 15, the elderly, and people with chronic diseases should not attend prayers, the ministry advised in July.Morocco closed mosques on March 16 after the outbreak of COVID-19 in the North African country.Moroccans could not perform prayers in mosques during the holy month of Ramadan as part of Morocco’s efforts to limit the spread of the pandemic.

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