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National Anti-Corruption Body: Corruption Still Rife in Morocco

Source : | 18 September 2020 |  News | 119 views


Rabat – Morocco’s anti-corruption actions have failed to deliver positive results, the National Body for Probity, Prevention, and the Fight Against Corruption (INPPLC) argued in its first annual report for 2019. The nearly 200-page review analyzes the reality of corruption in Morocco and the prospects for strengthening national efforts to suppress the phenomenon. INPPLC also offers a complete overview of the projects Morocco has launched as part of its 2016-2025 anti-corruption strategy.The body published the report on Thursday, detailing its restructuring and clarification of the programs and projects in the national anti-corruption strategy. The report calls for actions to improve the implementation of Morocco’s anti-corruption strategy in order to have a tangible impact on citizens and economic and institutional actors.The 2019 report, quoted by Morocco’s state media, states that efforts to fight corruption in Morocco have stagnated for more than 15 years. Morocco continues to suffer from corruption and the public’s mistrust of institutions. INPPLC calls for a global vision based on “fundamental levers” to ensure an irreversible “downward trend” of corruption in Morocco. Such a vision should have a substantial impact on citizens, improve their confidence in institutions, and promote national unity.The anti-corruption body proposed a restructuring of Morocco’s current strategy, a clarification and adaptation of the contents of its programs and projects, and a revision of its framework for greater efficiency in reaching target objectives.INPPLC also underlined the importance of the participation of civil society actors and the media in national efforts to fight corruption in Morocco. The report follows the Government Council’sapprovalof Bill 46-19 on INPPLC in June. The bill aims to consolidate the role of the INPPLC as a national governance institution that fulfills its duties in coordination with public authorities and institutions.The bill came in response to continued concerns over the scope of corruption in Morocco and the lack of progress the country has made in reducing its scourge.In December 2019, astudyby Transparency International revealed that 74% of Moroccans believe that the government is not doing enough to tackle corruption and that politicians are actively involved in corrupt practices. More than half of the survey respondents (53%) said they believe institutional corruption is increasing.The same report found that 31% of Moroccans paid a bribe between 2018 and 2019.While the majority of the survey’s respondents do not believe the government is doing enough to tackle corruption in Morocco, officials maintain that tackling corruption is a top priority. In January, Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani said Morocco is on the “right track” in its fight against corruption.“The success of the anti-corruption efforts contributes to the achievement of the expected development and to the improvement of the investment and business climate, as well as the living standards of citizens,” El Othmani said.Despite improvements, El Othmani acknowledged that corruption is still an obstacle and that the government sees it as a serious concern.

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