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2018/2019 African Champions League: CAS Rejects Wydad Casablanca Appeal

Source : | 18 September 2020 |  News | 77 views


Rabat – The international Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) rejected Moroccan football club Wydad Casablanca’s (WAC) appeal, legitimizing the victory of Esperance Sportive de Tunis for the 2018/2019 CAF Champions League.The court issued a press release on Friday to uphold the decision of the Disciplinary Board for theCAF, which ruled in August 2019 that WAC “is considered to have lost the game… in the second leg of the Champions League final.”Wydad Casablanca filed an appeal against the ruling repeatedly, considering that referees’ calls on its players were “unjust.”The issue evolved around a match that took place on May 31, 2019 when a controversy over the video assistant referee (VAR) occurred.WAC players refused to finish the match after the referee refused an equalizer from WAC’s Walid El Karti and declined to review the goal through the VAR.The referee argued that theVARdid not function during the game, ending play in confusion.The decision upset WAC players who refused to resume the match.After almost 30 minutes of discussions, the referee declared Esperance the winner of the African Champions League.Wydad Casablanca repeatedly protested the decision to announce the Tunsian club the winner of the match, but the court rejected their appeal along with CAF’s disciplinary board.

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