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Transport Ministry: Morocco’s Procedure to Renew a Driver’s License

Source : | 17 September 2020 |  News | 78 views


Rabat – Morocco’s Ministry of Transport hasoutlinedregulations and procedures relating to the renewal of driver’s licenses and vehicle registration cards.The renewal of either document must take place within three months of its expiration date.Driver’s licenses and vehicle registration cards, commonly known in Morocco as the “gray card,†both expire 10 years after the issuance date.The ministry’s announcement on Wednesday falls within the regulatory provisions setting the period of validity of the driver’s license and vehicle registration card. The regulations are also in line with the provisions of articles 38 and 58 of law 116-14 amending and supplementing law 52-05 relating to the Highway Code.Documents issued before October 1, 2010, will be subject to the Highway Code by September 30, 2020. These documents will remain valid until December 31, 2020, the ministry pointed out.Over 910,000 driver’s licenses in Morocco are currently in need of renewal, according to the statement. The Ministry of Transport expects the figure to reach one million by the end of this year.The Ministry of Transport calls on Moroccans to renew their documents with the National Road Safety Agency (NARSA).In order to ensure the safety of citizens as well as employees, the ministry stressed that drivers must submit their renewal requests on the NARSAweb platformstarting Monday, October 5.Applicants have to upload the registration receipt and send it with the other required documents by secured mail to the vehicle registration center of their residence, the ministry’s statement concluded.NARSA launched theelectronicdriver’s licenses and registration cards on January 1, 2020. The paperwork and fees to obtain the new documents remain the same.Morocco’s new electronic driver’s license contains an electronic chip providing information about the driver’s identity, driving record, and any relevant health concerns.NARSA established the new generation of electronic documents to secure drivers’ data and facilitate access to information.

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