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Morocco Calls for Integrated Approach to Waste Management

Source : | 16 September 2020 |  News | 417 views


Rabat – Minister of EnergyAziz Rabbahhas called for an integrated approach to Morocco’s waste management.He said during a videoconference meeting organized by the Swiss Chamber of Commerce that an integrated approach for waste management in Morocco “would play a vital role in helping cities achieve a transformation towards an integrated circular economy.”A circular economy is a system that seeks to redefine growth, “focusing on positive society-wide benefits,”according toEllen MacArthur Foundation.It also works to gradually decouple “economic activity from the consumption of finite resources” and is a growing focus in the field of sustainable development.During the recent virtual meeting held under the theme “Waste recovery in Morocco: What are sustainable solutions for our cities?” Rabbah recalled the country’s efforts to make its cities “green” through an appropriate waste management model.The “integrated approach would play a vital role in helping cities achieve a shift towards an integrated circular economy and improve their energy efficiency to become more sustainable in the long term.”Beyond waste management, the official also stressed Morocco’s commitment in the broader field of sustainable development. He underlined that the country has made important investments in the field. The investments he cited mostly relate to the clean energy field and its infrastructure.Rabbah called for more investment in new technologies and support for national skills and mechanisms of partnership between the public and private sectors.The official argued that real opportunities exist for partnership within the framework of the joint venture between Swiss and Moroccan companies. This “could provide promising prospects for green cooperation with both Europe and Africa.”Through the minister, Morocco called for more mobilization to address environment and sustainable development issues, which extend well beyond waste management. He called for the contribution of all concerned parties, NGOs, and media to raise awareness about the importance of a circular economy.Morocco is among global leaders inrenewable energies. International media have regularly reported on the country’s growth of the field and its assets.The North African country’s renewable energy assets could allow it to produce 96% of its electricity from sustainable sources by 2050.Morocco is also home to the Ouarzazate Solar Power Station, one of the most powerful renewable energy hubs in the world.The project is part of Morocco’s ambition to become a world leader in renewable energy.As of February 2019, the Noor Ouarzazate Solar Complexproducedenough electricity to power a city the size of Prague, or twice the size of Marrakech.

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