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Morocco Dismantles Irregular Migration Network Near Dakhla

Source : | 11 March 2020 |  Uncategorized | 6962 views


Rabat- The Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie arrested 45 potential sub-Saharan irregular migrants on March 10 in the fishing village of Idlan, north of Dakhla, southern Morocco. The operation, part of Morocco’s framework to combat undocumented migration, resulted in seizing important quantities of gasoline and logistical means.Morocco’s heightened borders surveillance operations in the north have prompted irregular immigration networks to alter their route to the Canary Islands rather than continental Spain.In mid-February, 14 migrants, including two children, died after their boat sank in the Atlantic Ocean while trying to reach the Canary Islands.Spanish NGO, Watch The Med Alarmphone, which receives distress calls from irregular migrants facing difficulties at sea, took to Twitter to report on the shipwreck.“The #AlarmPhone was alerted to a boat moving toward the Canary Islands on February 14, carrying 28 people. After 3 days at sea, the boat capsized yesterday morning. According to survivors, 14 people drowned, including 2 children,” tweeted the NGO.

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