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“Chnou Bghiti Nti:” A Campaign for Gender Equality in Morocco

Source : | 8 March 2020 |  Society | 1926 views


Rabat – On International Women’s Day, the “Chnou Bghiti Nti” campaign aims to raise awareness among Moroccans about gender inequalities and the needs of women in Morocco at the professional and personal levels. Global Shapers, a network of youth leaders driving dialogue, action, and change, launched the campaign today in partnership with We for She. The network is born out of the World Economic Forum initiative to facilitate social and economic change in 160 countries, including Morocco.“Chnou Bghiti Nti,” meaning “what do you want,” asks Moroccan women about their needs and civil rights in an effort to draw attention to women’s issues on the occasion of International Women’s Day.“We Moroccans, men and women, do not want International Women’s Day to be only an occasion of exchanging gifts,” writes Global Shapers on its official social media. “We want to think and engage in a dialogue about solutions to achieving more rights for women.” Women in Morocco and around the world still face problems at the social and economic levels. 35% of women in Morocco are subject to violence, according to UN Women, while the pay gap stands at 23%.In 2004, reforms to Morocco’s Family Code (Moudawana) secured important rights for Moroccan women, including the right to self-guardianship, the right to divorce, and the right to child custody. Despite the reforms, civil society organizations in Morocco still report disparities between the family code’s legislation and practice, and gender inequality prevails in many areas of society. In particular, women in rural areas are often not aware of the rights they are guaranteed under the Moudawana and remain subjected to patriarchal values.

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